MSI X58M Motherboard

Intel X58 based motherboards are the only motherboard chipsets that are available to support the Core i7 CPUs which are the fastest CPUs on the consumer side of things on the computer market at the moment.

One thing about the initial wave of X58 motherboards is the lack of a micro-ATX solution besides one exception which is hardly a trend, as most manufacturers were pushing SLI and Crossfire support on their X58 motherboards and offering them for the high end of the enthusiast market.

MSI has long been known as a motherboard maker that also has delved into video cards, notebooks, Netbooks (MSI Wind) and other computer related equipment.

MSI and other motherboard manufacturers have recently begun releasing X58 micro-ATX boards for those that want that form factor. Today's review is on the MSI X58M motherboard with the micro-ATX form factor.

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