South Korean DDOS Cyberattacks Came From Britain

It has been claimed that the recent distributed denial of services (DDoS) attack which plagued the US and the South Korean government as well as business websites has its roots in the UK.

A Vietnamese computer security company, Bach Khoa Internetwork Security (BKIS), probed into the matter on the request of Korean Computer Emergency Response Team (KrCert), and subsequently, pinned down UK as the source destination from where the attacks were launched.

Earlier, North Korea had been thought to be behind the recent attacks on South Korean websites, along with some notable US targets, including White House, the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, Pentagon, and the treasury department.

On the company’s official blog, Nguyen Minh Duc, a senior security researcher with BKIS, notified that it had pinpointed the botnet in question, monitored by eight control and command (C&C) servers through codes embedded in a file known as “flash.gif”.

“Especially, we found a master server located in UK which controls all of the 8 C&C servers to make a series of cyber-attack last week. So the source of the attacks has been identified to be in UK”, Duc added.

BKIS has already forwarded the IP addresses to the authorities investigating the attacks in the US and South Korea, and also made contact with the UK government.

However, the Vietnamese firm has reportedly located a server belonging to Global Digital Broadcast, an internet television company based in Brighton, as the source of the last week’s DDoS attacks.

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Our Comments

So it seems that Britain is becoming the preferred headquarters for real-life terrorists as well as virtual cyber criminals. If this accusation is true, then it will have dealt a serious blow to the reputation of this country and to plans that the Home office and the Ministry of Defence have. Interestingly, like in many cases, the threat lies within our frontiers, not in a remote area.

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