Three Quarters Of Music Aficionados Prefer CDs To Downloads

Media and technology research agency, Leading Question, together with Music Ally released the results of a survey they carried out that reveals that an overwhelming proportion of music fans prefer music CDs to MP3 downloads.

The report found out that 73 percent of the 1000 consumers questioned said that they would rather listen to CDs compared to virtual downloaded tracks. Surprisingly two thirds of those aged between 14 and 18 years old say that they would opt for CDs over MP3s.

Furthermore, 59 percent of all those who participated in the survey said that they listed to CDs every day. Commenting on the survey results, Tim Walker, the CEO of The Leading Question, said that "Digital is still the future but rumours of the death of the CD are premature. The continued popularity of the CD should be looked upon as an opportunity. We believe that labels and online stores could and should be doing more to build on music fans’ familiarity with CDs to provide them with additional digital content and to use the CD as a bridge into the digital world"

A last piece of interesting data: those, who have a subscription with an online music service that allows downloads and stream music online, tend to spend more money every month buying CDs rather than those who don't (£16.87 compared to £12.17 and £11.37 respectively).#

Thinkbroadband posits that the continued sale of CDs is due to the fact that lossy downloads still do not offer the quality of audio CDs which are, by definition, lossless.

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Our Comments

While we don't necessarily believe the objectivity of this research, we can't help but believe that the results are at best too candid and at worst, very misleading. We're particularly intrigued by the fact that 14 to 18 years old would rather buy a CD compared to a MP3. Seriously though, how many people on the tube carry a portable CD player?

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