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Data Centre Summit

Cost Optimization and Beyond: Enabling Business Change and the Path to Growth

Cost optimization, cost reduction, cost...has been the focus for many organizations so far in 2009. But business does not stop, should not stop, will not stop.

As a Data Center professional you are expected to "do more with less" and be a key enabler towards business growth and manage business change. Find the nuggets of fresh learning and knowledge that will show the business why they should count on you and how you can help the business look beyond the cost discussion to new opportunities for growth.

Gartner will guide you to plot your journey from cost optimization to business growth. This conference will help you understand short term, medium term and long term cost optimization opportunities; identify organizational, process and technology opportunities that will put you on a path towards managing incessant business change and opportunities for business growth.

Gartner will help you to manage this unique turbulence of our time: cost optimization and enabling business growth at the same time.

The Gartner Summit Experience

At the 2009 Gartner Data Center Summit you'll receive a concise and full download of the latest Gartner research offering you advice on vendor and tool selection, peer comparisons on key trends, real-world best-practices, maturity models, assessments of disruptive events and technologies, data for business case development and operational advice for '09.

Key Topics

  • benefiting from virtualisation
  • fresh advice on servers
  • innovating IT operations
  • the latest storage options
  • business continuity and disaster recovery
  • technology selection
  • green IT
  • facilities and location and the issue of outsourcing

Attendees are entitled to a one-to-one private meeting with a Gartner analyst on site to discuss their key business questions or issues - a chance to return to the office with a clear list of advice and support for any project. Gartner also stages an array of session types including Foundation Sessions to give key updates on core topics, interactive workshops, panel debates with the Gartner analysts and audience discussion, moderated roundtable, facilitated industry networking and proper assistance throughout so you can use and derive best-value from all the Gartner research available. (opens in new tab)

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

Désiré has been musing and writing about technology during a career spanning four decades. He dabbled in website building and web hosting when DHTML and frames were en vogue and started writing about the impact of technology on society just before the start of the Y2K hysteria at the turn of the last millennium. Following an eight-year stint at where he discovered the joys of global tech-fests, Désiré now heads up TechRadar Pro. Previously he was a freelance technology journalist at Incisive Media, Breakthrough Publishing and Vnunet, and Business Magazine. He also launched and hosted the first Tech Radio Show on Radio Plus.