Dell Introduces Desirable All in One Desktop Vostro Computer

Dell's Vostro range of business machines is rarely associated with what beautiful lines, gorgeous designs and great finish but the company's new all in one line is set to change that soon.

Dell already produces the XPS One and the Studio One, both of which are All in One systems, and the Vostro will complement this growing family. The new Vostro All in One saves up to 79 percent space compared to traditional desktop setup and has only one power cable.

The base unit costs £629 and comes with a 19-inch screen, a Dual Core Intel Pentium processor running at 2.6GHz, 2GB RAM, a 160GB hard disk drive, a DVD writer, an integrated webcam. Options include beefier components, WiFi and a nifty little desktop mount accessory.

it also comes with a great looking wireless keyboard and a matching wireless mouse. Other standard features will include GbE port, parallel, PS2 and serial ports. We've also spotted four USB ports as well. Dell has launched the range in China and Japan and Europe & US will be next in August.

Like all other Vostros, this all in one model will come with Windows Vista Business edition with a downgrade option for Windows XP Professional and should also come with a free upgrade route to Windows 7 Professional as well.

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Our Comments

Will anyone come up with a dual monitor set up all in one computer? That would not be a bad idea at all. Also while we commend Dell's idea to include legacy ports, we would also like to see more input/output options for current peripherals. More USB ports, HDMI or a second VGA port or an e-SATA port.

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