Google Street View Scans Coronation Street

ITV’s popular soap “Coronation Street” has entered into the pages of history for being the first TV soap poised to be featured on Google’s street mapping service ‘Google Street View’.

A deal between Google and ITV paved way for the Street View car being called on to the sets of the renowned soap to take a 360-degree view of the cobbled streets of the virtual town of Weatherland.

Filming on the sets was stopped to let a Google Street View vehicle to take images of the Rita’s Kabin, Roy’s Rolls, and Rovers Returns, and the pictures are expected to go live on the service within a few days.

The Telegraph quoted one insider from Coronation Street saying that many people are using Google Street View service to feature their streets, then why not Corrie cobbles.

Touting the move, a spokesperson for ITV said in a statement, “Thanks to Street View, fans will be able to have a good nose around the set in a way that would have been unimaginable almost 50 years ago when the show was first aired”.

A Google spokesman notified that Coronation Street is the first TV soap to be featured on Street View, and the move will enable the fans “imagine themselves heading down the street to enjoy a pint in the Rovers”.

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Our Comments

Google slowly but surely is taking pictures of the country, one snap at a time. After Coronation street, we hear that they might want to capture the wilderness of Eastenders' E20 television set where we might get a snap at Mo's terraced house.

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