Twitter Hacking Shows Startup's Ambitious Plans

An anonymous hacker has revealed confidential corporate as well as personal details relating to the popular microblogging website Twitter and its workforce after breaking into electronic account of an employee of the company.

As per a Twitter blog, a hacker picked as many as 310 sensitive documents from an employee’s accounts and subsequently passed it on to several technology blogs, including TechCrunch, which started posting the details it got, offering a look into the future plans of the renowned microblogging site.

Among some of the most intriguing snippets of the information, the company apparently has forecasted revenues of $140 million by the end of the year, as a part of a huge expansion drive which will see its user count reaching to a whopping one billion users by the end of 2013.

The documents further notified that the website is looking forward to revenues of $1.54 billion, a workforce of around 5,200 people, and get $111 million in net earnings, all within a period of four years.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has played down the leaked information by saying, “Obviously, these docs are not polished or ready for prime time and they're certainly not revealing some big, secret plan for taking over the world”.

He further asserted that the company is in touch with its legal counsel to discuss the impacts of this incidence for Twitter, the hacker, as well as anyone “who accepts and subsequently shares or publishes these stolen documents”.

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Our Comments

Twitter to get one billion user by the end of 2013? Maybe but as it stands right now, we don't believe that the microblogging website will be able to achieve this extremely ambitious endeavour. Twitter's service and ecosystem are still way too fragile and we're not sure about whether it can scale from a few million to a few hundred millions.

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