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3 UK Offers Mobile Advertising Platform Via Its Dongles

3 UK has tapped into a new revenue stream that will allow companies to display advertising in front of more than one million mobile broadband users.

The mobile network operator says that it receives more than 30 million impressions every month and because 3 knows its demographics extremely well, it is likely that it could charge a premium amount for the service.

In theory, 3 could get up to around £10 million per annum based on a £36 CPM. The advert will pop up every time a dongle is plugged in or when the user connects to the internet and appears through a dashboard. It has apparently been getting exceptionally high click through rates, around six percent.

3’s head of advertising, Neil Andrews, was adamant that: 'Our mobile broadband offering is seeing a huge amount of uptake. This new opportunity presents brands with the opportunity of getting in front of a large target audience in a bold and visible manner.’

It is not known whether (a) 3 will be charging customers for the data transfer generated by the advertising solution (b) the company will be considering using premium advert revenues to subsidise netbook bundles

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3 says that it will be selling the inventory by itself and possibly through ad agencies. Advertising partners can expect to receive anywhere between one and three million impressions every month.

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