Amazon In Trouble Over Cracked Kindle Covers

A user of the popular Kindle e-book reader from has taken a legal action against the company, claiming that device’s casing, which was sold individually, cracks the display screen and subsequently makes the device inoperable.

The class-action legal suit, which was filed by the user in question Matthew Geise in the US district Court for the Western District of Washington on Tuesday, claimed that the e-book reader’s covers designed and sold by the company to safeguard the device often lead to cracking the display screens of Kindle because of pressure on the hinge.

A spokesperson for Amazon said the online retailer doesn’t comment on active legal proceedings, but asserted that the company encourages “anyone who has an issue with the cover attachment mechanism to return the cover and device for a free replacement so we can investigate further”.

Geise notifies that he purchased a Kindle 2 device back in February for his wife for $359 from Amazon’s website. He also bought a casing for the device sold separately for $29.99, and after three months of use, cracks appeared on the sides of the device’s screen.

When he notified the issue to the company, he was informed that the damage wouldn’t be recovered under the warranty, and that he would need to pay an extra $200 to get his device fixed.

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Our Comments

Bad Public coverage for Amazon, which is a shame given that the company is expected to launch a UK mobile phone network fairly soon and is also planning to launch the kindle in the UK before Christmas. Amazon needs to be very careful in order not to jeopardize the initial success of its popular ebook reader.

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