£389 Dell Vostro 1220 - Intel Celeron 900 2GB 160GB 12.1-inch screen

It may sport a sensible price tag, but the Vostro 1220 lets you choose the features that are right for you and your business.

One thing the Vostro 1220 won’t give you is preinstalled trialware - so you can get to work quickly using only the features you need.

With the 12.1” Vostro 1220, you can get full-featured ultra-portability and business-minded security at a price that respects your budget.

With its compact 12.1” screen, starting weight and choice of two bright finishes, the Vostro 1220 makes an easy travel companion.

Equally, smart mobility options under the hood - from long-life batteries to videoconferencing solutions - help to put you beyond the reach of ordinary ultra-portables.

Enjoy remote collaboration in and out of the office via the optional 1.3 megapixel camera and digital microphone with Dell Video Chat software. Only Dell offers a complete videoconferencing solution pre-built into its small-business laptops.

No one wants to think about the lost productivity or recovery efforts involved with data breaches or system failures. From safeguarding the information on your hard disks to providing critical data- and system-recovery options, the Vostro 1220 offers a host of security options to help keep you focused on business.

This particular model comes with a 12.1-inch monitor, free shipping, 1 year collect and return service, a Celeron 900, Windows Vista Home Basic SP1, a 12.1-inch Widescreen WXGA screen, 2GB RAM, a 160GB hard disk drive and a DVD writer.

You can buy this Dell Vostro 1220 sub laptop from Dell for £389 excluding VAT and delivery.