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ASUS EN9400GT-1GB Geforce 9400GT Half-Height Videocard

If you've been keeping up with PCSTATS you'll know that in the Asus EN9600GT videocard review we mentioned that there are other, more affordable graphics cards better suited to playing movies on a HTPC. As luck would have it, one of them magically appeared in the PCSTATS labs this week.

ASUS' EN9400GT is a half-height Geforce 9400GT videocard specifically made for those cramped Home Theatre PC situations that are a pain come upgrade time.

It packs in VGA, DVI and most importantly an HDMI output right on board, and best of all, for older PCI Express x16 equipped PCs it does the High Definition video acceleration itself! Ever try to do HD decoding on an older PC?

Take our word for it, without an HD accelerator it ain't pretty. ASUS' EN9400GT-1GB is HDCP complaint, meaning it can output both audio and video from Blu-ray discs and other protected sources at full quality, to HDCP compliant displays.

Not sure what HDCP is or means? Read this PCSTATS guide to get the low down.

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Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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