Accelero Xtreme 4870 X2 Cooler

It's a not a secret that only a handful of companies out there in the land of anything cooling related always bring top notch cooling products to the market. Arctic Cooling is one of them.

Initially they started with thermal paste, then designed some wicked fans and from there on all kinds of cooling solutions. These days Arctic Cooling offers CPU coolers, VGA coolers, case fans, Silent PC cases, silent power supplies and of course their renowned thermal paste series.

Recently one of the more interesting product released in their VGA cooler lineup is the all new Accelero XTREME 4780X2 cooler. It is a massive eight heatpipe based cooler that might be as big as a whale, yet is virtually silent and has extraordinary cooling performance.

And if you plan to design a dual-GPU based Radeon HD 4870 X2 cooler .. as a company you better know what you are doing as you do not have to face the challenge of cooling not just one GPU, no, two GPUs.

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