Apple Approves Medical Marijuana App For iPhone

Apple has given its blessings to a new iPhone application that's set to divide the tech community over its usage; Cannabis, the name of the app, will allow you to find your nearest "legal" Marijuana provider.

The $2.99 application provides with a location based service that takes the user to known locations of medical collectives, doctors, clinics and other organisations - no street dealers - using a well designed Google Map mashup.

Cannabis is US based for now, but you can use it to look for places overseas where you can find legal cannabis coffee shops like in Amsterdam.

According to Ajnag, the developers of the App, Cannabis "is the latest 'must-have' iPhone app. it also gives you realtime, door-to-door directions sent right to your phone."

Ben Parr, from Mashable, wrote that Cannabis provides with "a strong message about its social responsibility and that it does not promote illegal cannabis use without a physician’s recommendation".

It is worth noting that only 13 states in the US actually allow medical marijuana to be sold and that Apple has given a 12+ rating for this app because of "Infrequent/mild alcohol, tobacco or drug use or references."

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Our Comments

Apple will surely attract some serious criticism for apparently supporting drug consumption. That said Apple is taking a calculated risk since the app actually shows legitimate hemp sources, rather than dodgy dealers.

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