iPhone App Set To Control Blu-ray Movies

Universal Studios have announced that they will release a special edition of Fast & Furious Blu-ray, accompanied by an app which allow customers to control content on the discs.

Both iPod Touch and iPhone users will be able to interact with web-connected Blu-ray disc players to access bonus content through BD-Live. It is likely that other Blu-ray Disc releases also come with this feature.

Interestingly, the devices can be used as virtual remote controls to manage Blu-ray Disc features and access any additional information while watching the movie.

Amongst the host of features available is a virtual garage that allows viewers to scrutinise a variety of cars and get their details. Extra addons include downloadable versions of video featurettes and a full iPhone-compatible version of the movie.

Not all players will be compatible with the new feature; Initial Standard Profile and Bonus View players may not be forward compatible with BD-Live.

The Fast & Furious special edition package will ship by the end of the month for $40 with the iPhone App available for free from the App store. Also expect future releases to come with social networking applications that will interact with the likes of Twitter or Facebook.

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Craig Kornblau, President of Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Universal Pictures Digital Platforms, told the press that by "harnessing Blu-ray technology and combining it with Apple's highly acclaimed iPod touch and iPhone, we continue to raise the bar in delivering an array of unprecedented, user-friendly home entertainment experiences"

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