Ruckus Releases 802.11n Outdoor WiFi Devices

Network Expert Ruckus Wireless has unveiled what it claims to be the world's first and only outdoor wireless access points that offer dual-band 802.11n and single-band 802.11g together with dynamic beam forming.

The Flexzone 2741 and the 7762 look like inconspicuous piece of beige plastic but underneath the cover lies some rather nifty technology. Both use multiple antennas à la MIMO, and "automatically direct transmissions to the best performing signal path, using real-time feedback mechanisms of 802.11 protocol."

In other words, the WAP actively monitors its surroundings and makes changes accordingly. This, Ruckus says, allow the devices to offer reliability that's comparable to wired connections plus they also support Power Over Ethernet (PoE).

Both versions can withstand water submersion (which means they could even be used underwater), are protected against dust and can operate between -40 and 60 degrees Celsius.

Ruckus also reckons that in a mesh configuration, dynamic beamforming access points at both ends of every mesh link will "essentially eliminate" performance hiccups - although this also means that you have to purchase two of them.

The only difference between the 7762 and the 2741, aside from the fact that the former is a 802.11n model and the latter a 802.11g one, is the price, $1899 and $899 respectively.

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Our Comments

Ruckus' gear will be used at the WOMAD music festival where the technology will be tested to its limits. Ruckus is also supposed to eliminate the usual interferences that often happen when various networks overlap with each other.

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