UK Government Scraps £25m Collaborative IT Project

Scope IT, A £24.4 million project that aimed at improving collaboration and sharing data between UK's various government departments and agencies, has been killed according to the annual Cabinet Office report.

While the first phase of the project was delivered on time and within budget two years ago, the second phase proved to be significantly more challenging. The main contractor was unable to meet "key contractual milestones" leaving the government with no other alternative than to close it down.

Tessa Jowell, the Cabinet Office minister, said in a statement yesterday in Westminster that the government would be "working with the contractor to resolve issues arising from the termination of the programme, including consideration of the legal avenues available".

She also added that the collapse of the second phase does not mean that the Scope IT has been a failure although she ruled out any plans to invite interested parties to tender for the completion of Phase 2.

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Our Comments

It comes a time during the lifetime of a project when questions have to be asked about its viability. This is what happened with Scope IT. The government is apparently trying to recoup losses but it might end up being even more costlier for the taxpayers. Furthermore, Scope It is chickenfeed compared to the mother of all IT Projects, the NHS For IT.

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