British Gas Partners With Alertme Over Energy Kit Scheme

British Gas, in conjunction with, a company that offers household energy saving systems, has announced to trial an innovative home energy management system that would help users trim down their energy consumption as well as save considerable amounts on their energy bills.

The new energy-saving technology from, based on its signature Smart Home platform, is actually an internet-connected “energy kit” that regularly gauges and monitors home appliances separately, along with measuring temperatures in various sections of the house, and managing the household’s overall energy consumption.

The technology lets users access this handy information remotely, either over the web or by simply using their handsets, and modify the settings of the system to enable options for various functions, such as turning on heating.

While on the go, the Smart Home system further allows users to turn their appliances on or off through SmartPlugs connected to it.

It further boasts of an “intelligent monitoring system”, which optimises energy consumption automatically, and thereby can bring the energy costs down by switching off the appliances on standby mode or turning off heating when there is nobody at home.

On the basis of the outcomes of this heating monitoring system trial, British Gas could roll out the service to its consumers by the end of this year.

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Our Comments

The problem with these energy schemes is that the cost is going to trickle down to the consumers themselves. system starts from £149. There are already talks of significantly higher energy expenses that will happen over the next decade as UK tries to rein in its carbon footprint as quickly as it can.

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