Intel Debuts Cheaper 34nm X25-M SSD, Plans World Domination

Intel has announced a new generation of solid state disks, the X25-M and the X18-M that use the manufacturer's 34nm foundries, resulting in faster and cheaper storage.

The X25-M, which some consider as the best solid state disk currently on the market, has had its price slashed by 60 percent, dropping from $595 to only $225 for the 80GB model. The price of the 160GB model drops from $945 to only $440.

The older X25-M was built using 50nm manufacturing process. In comparison, Intel's cutting edge microprocessors using the Nehalem architecture, uses 45nm manufacturing methods. Intel SSDs are set to feature in high end slim laptops, workstations and gaming rigs.

Performance wise, both drives - which use MLC for optimum performance - are set to increase the gap between themselves and the rest of the competition. Read Latency has gone down by 25 percent and it currently stands at 65microseconds compared to 4ms for HDD technology (that's 60 times less). Write performance has more than doubled.

Randy Wilhelm, Intel vice president and general manager, Intel NAND Solutions Group, said in a press release that "Our goal was to not only be first to achieve 34nm NAND flash memory lithography, but to do so with the same or better performance than our 50nm version".

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Intel has yet to release a higher capacity drive which would suit space and energy poor data centres. A 320GB model is expected to come by early next year as companies start to invest again.

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