O2 UK Data Network Goes Offline For Nearly 11 Hours

O2's data network went down since 1pm this afternoon and apparently the downtime is still going according to the latest feedback from microblogging website Twitter.

The outage has affected pay monthly contract customers nationwide and users reportedly were not able to send emails, MMS or texts or access the internet, although they were able to make voice calls (as long as it was not on VoIP).

Initial reports pinpointed the problem in the London area with data congestion the probable cause. This has now been refuted. O2 has also advised people not to manually alter their Access Point Name on their phones.

O2's official Twitter feed was last updated 7 hours ago saying that the company is working to fix it ASAP. Surprisingly, Pay as you go customers do not seem to be affected but Blackberries, iPhones and other users are.

The mobile network operator - which is UK's largest by user base - has yet to come clean as to what caused this major disruption. O2's website has not been updated with any information related to the crash.

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Our Comments

I don't use an iPhone or an O2 phone. It would be interesting to find out how many of the millions O2 users cope without text. Even more interesting will be to find out what exactly happened and what caused the blackout.

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