British PM Backs Technology To Inspire The World At TED

Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke passionately about technology and how it can help to make the world a better place at an international conference in Oxford.

The TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Global Conference is the platform used by many luminaries including Bill Gates and Al Gore to talk about issues that affect our generation and how technology can remedied, living by its tagline, "Ideas Worth Spreading".

More than 700 attendees came together to listen to 50 amazing speakers and Gordon Brown was certainly the unexpected one. The complete transcript as well as the video are available for download here.

Mr Brown stated that "We now have the capacity to communicate instantly with anyone across the world" adding that "We now have the capacity to find common ground with people we will never meet but we can meet through the internet. This makes this a unique age in human history and it is the start of a truly global society."

He pointed to examples of the power of images and video in recent history : the iconic image of the naked Vietnamese girl running away from a Napalm attack, videos of a dying Iranian girl or the footage of unrest in China a few weeks ago.


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Mr Brown himself is an ardent user of Youtube, the popular online video service and regularly posted videos in an attempt to connect with British citizens. Number 10 Downing Street has managed to get more than 817,000 channel views with more than 7100 subscribers.

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