Fujifilm Unveils 3D Digital Camera With £3 prints

Japanese electronics giant Fujifilm has announced that it will start selling a new camera, the FinePix Real 3D W1, capable of taking 3D pictures and video footage that can be viewed without 3D glasses.

The compact camera comes with two separate 10-megapixel captors - separated by 77mm - and two special Fujinon lenses. It will combine different fields of view into one image or movie, turning it into a full 3D experience.

The W1's delicate electronics has been housed in a made-to-last, aluminium die-cast enclosure and even boosts a pair of tiny microphones to record stereo sounds. To cap things up, there's even a 3x digital zoom.

It is expected to reach Japan early next month and will reach the UK by September. The initial cost is set to be around £550 which excludes the price of the 3D prints which will cost around £3 a piece, that's 50 times more than on average.

Fujifilm will also commercialise a wireless picture frame, called the Real 3D V1, which comes with an 8-inch 3D screen designed specifically to view 3D movies at a resolution of 800x600 pixels. Expect the viewer to cost around £400.

Our Comments

For those who might be wondering, the camera can also take normal pictures. As for all novel technology (remember Sony's OLED television or the first Blu-ray players), there's a significant premium to be paid. But surely, each 3D pictures is set to bring some jaw-dropping looks from the audience.

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