Mobile Broadband Users Not Happy With Speed Says Survey

A recent survey has revealed that as many as two-thirds of the mobile broadband users are exactly not happy with the speed of the mobile broadband they are receiving.

The poll, conducted by the comparison website Broadband Genie, included 1,160 respondents from the UK, of which around 64 percent said they didn’t consider their existing mobile broadband speeds “fast enough”.

However, 11.5 percent of the respondents asserted that they were perfectly happy with the speed of their mobile broadband, while 24.7 percent of the people questioned said they “didn’t know” about it.

The result, which has been referred to as “damning” by the comparison service, clearly indicates that the consumers’ expectations with their broadband speeds weren’t being met at all.

Commenting upon these disappointing results, Chris Marling, editor at Broadband Genie, said; “This result is pretty damning for the industry and we hope the mobile broadband firms will sit up and take notice. We feel they are not being responsible in their advertising, and are overselling the product”.

He further went on to say that people usually perceived mobile broadband at par with the fixed-line broadband in terms of speed, services and stability, but unfortunately this is not the case.

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Our Comments

The problem with mobile broadband is that there are way too many variables that come into play. It is very unlikely that mobile phone networks will be able to solve erratic behaviour and dropping internet connections without significant investment or a major technological breakthrough.

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