Myspace To Crowdsource "Youth Creativity"

In its efforts to step up its offerings in social media domains, MySpace will have its platform redesigned to help young people harness and exhibit their creativity skills, according to sources.

MySpace chief exec Owen Van Natta has laid a future roadmap for making the social networking platform a place to show creativity, and along the same line, Van Natta will produce a report intended to reposition the website as a “window for the youth to reflect all their creative talents” within the upcoming four weeks.

According to a report from Daily Telegraph, Van Natta’s visit to the website’s headquarters in London disclosed he simply wants to extend the site’s offerings beyond music, with the prime focus will be on restructuring the platform as a creative outlet for youths.

The report further notified that the UK launch of MySpace Music, the website’s hugely popular service which made its debut in the US back in April last year, will be postponed by a month. The service was scheduled to make its UK debut in September.

“Moving forward, the network will focus on being a window for youth culture to reflect all their creative talents. Facebook has won the social networking war and now MySpace needs to focus on what it can bring to the table”, Telegraph quoted a source close to the company saying.

In a related story, the company has appointed the general manager of its Portuguese and Spain operations, Christopher Moser, as a new head of its UK office. Moser will be replacing Anthony Lukom, who left the company last month, after MySpace announced its decision to trim down its staff from its London offices by 100.

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Myspace is going through a rather difficult period where its influence on the web culture is waning thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Soon, if nothing is done, Myspace could go the way of Friendster (remember them?) or friendsreunited. Time is running out for what was once the most popular social networking website in the world.

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