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Sony Ericsson X3 Xperia Smartphone To Come With Android

More details of the Sony Ericsson smartphone formally known as Rachael have emerged online with some exciting details as well as numerous pictures but still no pricing or release date.

The phone is set to be named as the Xperia X3 and the biggest surprise is that it finally sports Google's Android platform unlike the original Xperia X1 which came with Windows Mobile.

And according to online retailer Expansys which published the details of the smartphone, the device will have a 4-inch 800x400 pixels touchscreen display (although we expect that to change slightly as a 2:1 ratio ain't ideal).

The X3 will also support HSDPA/HSUPA and sport a 8-megapixel camera with 8x zoom and autofocus - likely to be the one found on the W995 - Assisted GPS, WiFi support and what Expansys describes as an innovative 3D panel interface.

Interestingly, Sony Ericsson chose to get rid of any proprietary technology - so no Memory stick; replaced by microSDHC and no SE connectors which have been replaced by a mini USB port and a 3.5mm AV connector (ed: where's the 3.5mm earphone input?)_

APC reports that The X3 will also come with a 1GHz Qualcom Snapdragon processor which will make it as fast as the Toshiba TG01 and the first time Android is paired with a processor that fast.

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Our Comments

Let's hope it will be better than the TG01 which left us a bit disappointed because of the sluggishness of its operating system. This new phone comes at a time where Sony Ericsson is set to experience some tough economic conditions.

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