Apple Owns More than 90 Percent Premium PC Market In US

Apple might still be a midget in the battle to grab market share in terms of computers sold but NPD reveals that the company crushes the competition when it comes to what matters the most.

The research analyst firm says that in June 2009, 91 cents of every dollar spent on a computer over $1000 in the US went to Apple, and that's a 40 percent rise over last year, when it stood at 66 percent.

Apple, unlike all of its competitors, has been focusing on maintaining its average selling price, way above those in the PC market. The average selling price of a PC laptop, NPD says, is $520 with netbooks included; that of a Macbook, $1400, nearly three times more. The average ASP for a Windows desktop was $489, that of a Mac was $1398, a staggering $900 difference.

Since Apple owns the operating system that goes on the Mac OS, sells after sales services and uses the same components that is present in most Windows computers anyway, it is hardly surprising that the company could be making more than 50 percent profit on each model sold, in a market where many are happy with razor-slim margins.

Joe Wilcox, from Betanews, who first broke the story, says that the company has been readjusting its focus recently due to the adverse economic conditions; Apple he says, "chose to make the high lower, in a segment where Macs already commanded overwhelming market share."

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Apple is as much about the product as it is about the experience. It wouldn't surprise me one day if Apple launched an Apple Credit card or a range of organic products.

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