O2 Says Sorry For Major Network Outage

Mobile operator O2 has extended apologies for a major technical disruption in its data networks that left thousands of its users unable to access the web, or use messaging services.

The technical flaw, which surfaced at around Tuesday afternoon, inflicted troubles to thousands of users using pay-monthly handsets. Several iPhone users notified problems in accessing the web and checking their mails.

While a majority of O2 users were troubled by the network outage, people using pre-pay Blackberry smartphones were not affected at all, an O2 spokesperson said.

The mobile operator apologised for the technical flaw, which it attributed to a system which assigns network users with exclusive internet protocol (IP) address when they gain access to the data network.

However, the company asserted that the problem with its data networks has been rectified and the internet connection on its customers’ mobile handsets has been restored.

Citing the same, an O2 spokesperson said in a statement, “We have managed to restore data services to the vast majority of customers and are doing everything we can to ensure the few remaining customers are back online as soon as possible”.

As of now, O2 has exclusive selling rights on Apple’s iPhone in the UK, and more than two million of its 20.8 million customers in the UK use its data services.

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Our Comments

O2 has yet to come clean as to what happened exactly during those few hours. They haven't updated their Digital News Centre or their official Twitter feed to inform their customers about what caused the downtime. O2 customers we spoke to also said they did not get any emails or texts from the Telefonica company.

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