Samsung To Release S9110 Watchphone

Samsung will be launching a competitor to LG GD910 and Hyundai MB-910 wristwatch mobile phones; the S9110 could be touted be the ideal device for the jet setting business person.

The smartphone is presented as the thinnest watchphone ever, bettering the two aforementioned models with a 12mm thickness. It has a built in speakerphone, mandatory Bluetooth support and a 1.76-inch touchscreen display.

The Korean manufacturer has also gifted the S9110 with voice recognition, integrated voice recognition, MP3 player capabilities, Outlook syncing capabilities but lacks the Samsung's video camera.

Samsung did an excellent job with the phone's external appearance; the screen has a scratch-resistant glass, the phone itself has a stainless steel enclosure and a genuine leather wrist belt.

The S9110 is expected to be available in France for around £390, significantly less than LG's GD910 which cost more than twice the price but still dearer than Hyundai's £200 MB-910.

No release dates have been announced for the rest of Europe and Samsung has confirmed to Techradar that the device won't be available here soon.

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Our Comments

It is quite surprising that all these watch phones are build by companies based in South Korea. At the price, we'd expect the device to be available on the sweet-spot contract price of £35 or less per month, similar to the Nokia N97. Arguably though, both of them are very different beasts.

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