Sky News Journalists Uncover Crooked Laptop Technicians

An investigation by Sky News revealed that some of the computer repair firms are illicitly scouring through private images and other confidential data stored on the computers entrusted to them.

An undercover investigation by the broadcaster further found some unscrupulous technicians overcharging for basic repair works, and even attempting to plot bank fraud as well.

Investigators from Sky placed surveillance software on a brand-new laptop to find out what was happening at the repair shop, before planting an easy to find flaw by dislocating an internal memory chip from its connection.

While fixing the problem simply requires placing the dislodged chip back in, as many as five out of six repair shops either misdiagnosed the problem or overcharged for fixing the fault.

Laptop Revival from Hammersmith, West London, emerged as the worst offender for overcharging, as it asserted that the laptop required a new motherboard at a price of £130, soon after diagnosing the real fault.

The surveillance software then found a laptop technician browsing through the stored data on the hard drive, including intimate holiday images, some of which even showing the Sky investigator in her bikini.

In addition, one of the technicians copied a file including passwords for Facebook, eBay, Hotmail, as well as a Natwest bank account. Subsequently, the technician tried for around five minutes to try log on to the bank account, but failed to do so because the details were fake.

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Our Comments

Unfortunately, one bad apple could jeopardise the whole business segment. Obviously not all computer technicians are bad. But the fact that they have access to someone's computer can prove to be too much of an attractive option for some.

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