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Artificial Human Brain To Come Before 2020 Says Boffin

A prominent scientist has claimed that a fully functional artificial brain could become a reality within a decade, which would in turn help diagnose and treat a range of mental disorders.

Addressing the TED Global Conference in Oxford, Professor Henry Markram, the director of the Blue Brain Project, asserted that his team has been working well to develop a synthetic human brain, which could be very useful in diagnosing and treating mental disorders.

Speaking on the benefits of the move in developing new treatment techniques, Professor Markram said in a statement, “There are two billion people on the planet affected by mental disorder. The project may give insights into new treatments”.

However, creating an artificial brain would take huge technical resources as well as medical proficiency. The Professor notified it takes one computer to process the information from a single neuron, implying that several thousands of machines would be required to initiate mapping the intricate functions of human brain.

In order to streamline this process, the group of scientists associated with the Blue Brain Project used a “supercomputer”, which can handle millions of algorithms effectively.

Most of the group’s research revolves around using the neocortex of mammal brains, which drives some of the complex functions, including spatial reasoning, sensory perception, conscious thoughts, as well as speech and language.

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By the end of the next decade, computers should be around 1000 times more powerful than current models. Is that something possible? Yes if Moore's law, which held well for quite some time, continues to rule the way processors are developed.

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