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Blyk Closes Down Consumer Network, Moves Customers To Orange

Ad-supported mobile advertising start-up MVNO Blyk entered into an exclusive partnership with the mobile network operator Orange, marking that the company is shutting down its direct-to-consumer business by the end of August this year, according to a report from New Media Age.

As per the reports, Blyk’s 200,000 users will be given a notice of four weeks from the next Friday that the company is terminating its services and asked to directly register with an as yet undecided deal with Orange. The contract is expected to be finalised after weeks of negotiation between the two companies.

Orange will employ the Blyk’s technology to provide its users an ad-funded proposition; however, it is still unclear that what would be the exact type of tariff the new service would take.

The move would understandably help Orange to include ad-funded mobile proposition into its stable, as it is looking forward to extend its services into media business domain.

In a related news story, Blyk has penned an exclusive agreement with Vodafone Netherlands, which would help bringing brand Blyk and its media model to the Netherlands and help both companies to assume a leading spot in mobile advertising domain.

“For Blyk, the partnership is part of a global strategy to bring scale and speed to our operations, while continuing to provide an innovative and valuable proposition for both consumers and advertisers”, said Pekka Ala-Pietilä, chief exec and co-founder of Blyk.

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Another one bites the dust. Blyk may have made the decision that will save the company's future. Closing down the less productive portion of the company is equivalent to hacking a gangrenous limb to allow the body to survive. All for the greater good.

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