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Microsoft Windows 7 Reaches Last Stage, Released To Manufacturing

The successor to Windows Vista, Windows 7, has officially been reached the "Released to Manufacturing" milestone which means that thousands of manufacturers will start to test and prepare their machines to run on Microsoft's latest OS.

This also means that Microsoft can now start working on pressing DVDs which will go on sale on the 22nd of October worldwide. In addition, Microsoft partners like peripheral manufacturers or utilities developers will be able to test the latest version of the OS to make sure that their product/services work fine on Windows 7 from day one.

The fact that Windows 7 - whose build number is 7600.16385 - has been RTMed exactly three months before the launch date means that Microsoft is better prepared than ever for the start of the holiday season, Black Friday, the end of the year tax purchases and the back to school period.

The company also announced that Windows Server 2008 R2 hit RTM which means that the latter and Windows 7 will be launched almost simultaneously to take advantage of a new set of features that requires both OS to work in tandem.

Microsoft desperately needs Windows 7 to work after announcing a sharp drop in revenues for the last quarter, a news that sent Microsoft shares down by a staggering 8 percent in pre-market transactions.

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Our Comments

Windows 7 RTM is the culmination of several years of hard work from the thousands of developers and the millions of beta testers. Windows 7 will also certainly wipe out the grins on the face of so many Windows Vista users who have been left disappointed.

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Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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