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Myspace To Unveil Online Webmail Service

Myspace, the social networking website owned by News Corp, is apparently planning to launch its own webmail service later this year; the website already has a vanity URL service, similar to Google's profile and Facebook URL service.

The new service, which Paidcontent believes, will be under the responsibility of "a bunch of ex-Hotmail guys" and headed by Rajit Marwah, Myspace's director of product management who worked at Microsoft on Messenger and Hotmail before joining Myspace in 2008.

It is unknown whether the company will be rolling out the service to all its worldwide customers or only to its 70 million US users. The "" address was described, by sources close to the project, as a "logical extension of that relationship".

Email is still one of the most resilient segment of the whole web experience although it is not growing as fast as VoIP or Social Networking. Still, Yahoo Mail for example accounted for more than 92 million unique visitors and Hotmail reached 43.5 million in June according to Comscore.

Myspace could instantly manage to reach as many users as Gmail which currently have 29.6 million. But then, social networking has changed the way things work; according to widget makers, AddtoAny, people are more likely to share items on Facebook than on Twitter and Email combined.

Still, having its own webmail service will mean that Myspace users will generate much more pageviews, increase average time spent on the site and ultimately bring in more revenue. What's not to like!

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Our Comments

We don't think that Myspace will be able to use webmail to catch up with Facebook. The latter also have a Facebook mail service although it is currently limited to emails sent within its system. If Facebook decides one day to open their mail system à la Gmail, it could become the world's biggest overnight.

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Désiré Athow
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