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O2 Releases Landline To Mobile Forwarding Service

In a bid to lure small businesses, O2 has unleashed a new service which automatically reroutes incoming landline calls to a mobile phone for a flat monthly charge.

The new service, dubbed as “Fixed Number Anywhere”, would help business users, who spend a majority of their time on the go, to convince their clients that their business is permanent as well as local, and set up by having a landline number, the operator explained.

Simon Devonshire, chief of SME marketing at O2, touted the move by saying, “By converging a fixed landline number with a mobile service, small businesses can continue to maintain an image of being a local business, which is valued by customers, whilst maintaining the flexibility and mobility”.

Business people using the new service will be able to link as many as five landline numbers with the same mobile phone, and use current BT numbers, or select from a new number with a Free Phone code.

The operator won’t levy any extra charge for the calls routed to a mobile phone through the Fixed Number Anywhere service, and callers would need to pay the standard rate for the fixed number dialled.

The service will be available at a flat monthly charge of £10 per month for landline numbers staring with 01 and 02, and £15 a month for 0808 phone numbers.

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The service is likely to be a hit for small and medium businesses as well as self-employed people for whom £10 per month is not significant for the service provide. Expect other competitors including BT to come up with a similar scheme soon.

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