Virgin Media Partners With SamKnows Over Speed Testing Service

Virgin Media has joined forces with SamKnows to use the latter’s monitoring tool to help its users evaluate the performance of its 50Mbps fibre optic broadband network.

SamKnows has managed to build to an impressive reputation in the broadband monitoring domains, especially after it was selected by the information watchdog Ofcom to assess the real-time performance of the UK’s broadband connections.

The company provides specially-designed routers to broadband users, which in addition to gauging the real-time connection speed, also measure several other aspects such as latency, uptime, as well as traffic-shaping measures.

Since SamKnows’ broadband evaluating tool isn’t impacted by other factors, like the speed of the users’ PC or internal connections, it offers the most precise assessment of the broadband connection.

Touting the new partnership with Virgin Media, SamKnows’ chairman Alex Salter said; “This deal represents a significant shift in service provider attitudes. Instead of simply complying with external regulation, in a pioneering step, Virgin Media is proactively looking to assess itself to make sure its customers are getting value for money.”

Initially, the required measuring hardware will be offered to its 750 customers who would volunteer through Virgin Media’s website, and the information obtained from these trials would further be utilised to enhance the company’s network performance.

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Our Comments

Virgin Media didn't say how these customers would be chosen and SamKnows, compared to other broadband monitors on the marke, is certainly one of the most trusted, not the least by Ofcom. Ultimately, Virgin Media will be using the data generated to show that its services are indeed way faster than the rest of the market.

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