Spinvox Replies To BBC Article, Rejects Allegations

Speech to Text messaging company Spinvox has belatedly replied to the BBC news story and blog post from BBC's own technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, with a post on its own blog.

The company says that the article posted on Wednesday contained numerous allegations "over its privacy standards, technology, evidence offered by a Facebook group and finances", allegations which Spinvox says are both "incorrect and inaccurate".

The in-depth investigation carried out by the BBC showed that Spinvox used a network of call centres outside Europe, in the Philippines, South Africa and Egypt predominantly, to help its main system, D2, carry out voice-to-text conversions.

But Spinvox rebuked the claims saying that these are partners that assist "in providing Quality Control to the SpinVox system" and are located both in and out of the EEA. The company also confirmed that it is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998 and has a number of systems in place to comply with "all relevant data protection legislation".

The blog post which was issued as a company statement came as Christina Domecq, Spinvox's CEO, told the telegraph that it would be "impractical for human transcribers to type up even a fraction of the messages sent by SpinVox’s 100 million global users".

Spinvox claims that its system, developed by the Cambridge Advanced Speech Group, “a highly qualified team of speech scientists working together with the world’s leading speech academics", has been used to process voice messages for more than 100 million users worldwide.

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Our Comments

On his Twitter account, Rory Cellan-Jones points to an article on Mobile Industry Review, which deconstructed the way Spinvox tackled the whole story as it unravelled. Ironically, for a company that has a blog and deals with one of the most essential aspects of communication, it failed to put the record straight from the first minute the story went live.

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