Apple To Launch Kindle-Killer Tablet Device

Apple could be confounding many this Christmas as it looks set to launch a colour screen device with a touchscreen display that could make Amazon's Kindle look as obsolete as an old black and white television.

The Financial Times wrote this morning that the company is "racing" to offer the new tablet PC (or iTablet), just in time for the Christmas shopping season and could be bundling it with a new content package aimed at reviving the sales of CD-length music.

The iTunes and the iPod generations have apparently lost the appetite for anything bigger than a couple of tracks and this "snacking" habit has worried the (music) entertainment industry.

Others before Apple have tried to make the Tablet PC segment a reality but all - even mighty Microsoft - have failed miserably. But then, Apple has proved, both with the iPod and the iPhone, that it can instill its own twist in any old and tired product segment and make it a winner.

Already other parties are heating up to the idea; some told the FT that the device will be "a portable entertainment device” that will be "fabulous for watching movies”, others, think that it will be "a colour, flat-panel TV to the old-fashioned, black and white TV of the Kindle".

Game publishers reckon that they could get "optimise existing games" which would mean a completely new market (and more revenues) for them.

Our Comments

Although we never ever really keen on a giant iPod touch (see 5 Reasons Why a Giant iPod Touch Will Be A Dud published back in January), Apple seems to believe that it could well be a huge success but we think that the price will make it so unattractive that it will end up as loved as the Apple TV.

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