Business Continuity - It Ain’t What You Do; It’s The Way That You Say It…

The very best recovery plans in the world may ultimately come to nothing if, in a real crisis, those tricky communications aspects are handled badly.

Many people ignore the fact that getting the right message across, in the right way, to your key stakeholders can be as important as the recovery activities themselves.

History and the recent credit crunch, are littered with the casualties of poor crisis communications, with some organisations suffering severe damage to their reputation and others going out of business altogether.

So neglect the crisis communications plan at your peril. Make every effort to ensure that team members and spokespeople are identified well in advance, that they are properly trained and have the backup they need to keep them fully briefed when called into action.

It is often possible to have some ‘holding’ statements pre-prepared to give you time to pull together a proper statement once the facts are known but also to ensure that the press baying at your door get something thought through and carefully considered which they can print in the initial stages of a disaster.