Deathbook : The "Alternative" Macabre Version Of Facebook

Now even death has seemingly set to become a paltry excuse for missing out on your wedding anniversary, as an innovative range of internet services have now made it possible for the users to send email greetings to their near and dear ones from beyond the grave.

These internet-based services are being employed to send warm birthday wishes to family and friends, congratulations on certain key occasions, as well keeping the spouses happy. Before their death, users can program these websites sites to send posthumous emails on various important dates each year; in addition, these sites further allow users to establish their own web-based memorial in advance.

Dubbed as the part of what can be referred to as the rising trend of “digital wills”, the messages from the users pushed live as soon as the websites are notified about subscriber’s death.

Although not legally mandatory, these online wills have been tailored to make sure that next of kin of the subscribers can have complete access to the deceased person’s musings on various websites such as Hotmail and Facebook, along with different crucial passwords for online banking and other online documents.

Simon Gilligan, from Littleport, Cambridgeshire, has made a digital will on, which made its debut earlier this month, along with the paper will.

He touted such online services by saying, “I did it because I have heard of situations where people have died and it has taken a long time to get the information. This will make it easier for my wife and children.”

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where there is a will (pun intended), there is a way. In other words, if someone can make money out of social networking websites even if it includes the macabre, there sure will be (under)takers. After all, people wear diamonds made of their loved defunct ones.

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