More than A Third Of Online Shopping Done At Work

Leading web metrics firm comScore has come up with its latest findings in UK retail spending, marking a rising trend of office workers buying products online at offices than at homes.

The striking results were reportedly taken from a vast resource of data gauged by the company’s World Metrix service, assessing online habits of UK users in May 2009.

The data showed that as many as eight of ten internet users who have accessed the internet in the UK have visited an online retail website in May, with more than 29 million users surfed the websites to find lucrative bargains with considerable online discounts.

According to the figures revealed by the metrics company for the month of May, almost one-third of all the online purchases in the UK, as well as quarter of the overall visits, pages surfed and time spent on the retail websites, were carried out while at workplace.

The stats, calculated on the basis of monthly average of first five months of the year, revealed that almost four out of five UK adults who accessed the web are now making purchases through online retailing websites.

Commenting upon the disparity between the browsing habits of users at office and home, Mike Read, managing director at comScore said in a statement, “In fact, we often see that people have very different browsing patterns between the two locations, having a tendency to be task-oriented and transaction-minded at work and more leisurely when browsing at home “.

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The internet is both a hit and a miss when it comes to productivity and employee efficiency. True, it allows telecommunication costs to be slashed and has driven down the time it takes for data is being shuttled around. But then, there's Facebook, Twitter and thousands of other distractions that float around the internet.

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