Sony To Bring Touchscreen Functionality To VAIOs PC Range

Japanese manufacturer Sony seems set to challenge Apple and other laptop manufacturer when it comes to sheer innovation as it looks set to launch Touchscreen capable VAIOs within the next few months.

Mike Abary, senior vice president of Sony’s Information Technology Products Division, told LaptopMag that the company is serious about making better products by increasing the level of integration amongst Sony's various platforms.

He reaffirmed the fact that consumers will " see touch capabilities introduced on VAIO products that take advantage of Windows 7", the clearest indication yet of something like that coming.

Seconds before Abary suggested that there would be VAIO products that are "going to see more collaboration between the groups within Sony"; groups like Walkman, the eBook and the Playstation Network which hadn't "talked" to each other before.

Abary stopped short of saying which laptop range will come with touchscreen functionality although we wouldn't need to wait for long as he confirmed that new touchscreen products would be available when Windows 7 is officially launched; that's only 90 days away.

Our Comments

It would be great to have a convertible laptop/tablet rather than one of these traditional laptops with a touchscreen attached to them. Asus has one, the T91, which has already been priced (£450 only) and could be a rather serious competitor to a touchscreen VAIO.

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