Spotify to Apple's iPhone App Store Users : We're Coming Very Soon

Online ad-supported music service Spotify has announced in that it has submitted its Spotify App for the iPhone to Apple and look forward to "seeing up and running very soon" according to a press released issued this morning.

The company said that the application should be available for download from Apple's App Store within a few weeks, assuming that Apple will be accepting their submission. iPhone 3G/3GS users will be able to use it over 3G and Wi-Fi.

In a bid to convert more free users into paid-for customers, Spotify has announced that the app will be restricted to premium users forking £9.99 per month; this appears to be a prerequisite for mobile access on any device - which presumably means that a raft of other phones are set to get Spotify Apps.

Spotify has also already demoed a working version of its application on Google's Android mobile platform.

Significantly, the application has an offline mode which will allow users to "temporarily cache playlists to their phone for use when there is no connection" which means that you should be able to use it underground or where there is no signal or wireless internet connection.

Wired got their hands on a working version of the Application; a notable feat given that Spotify is not officially launched in the US although its founders already have plans to launch the system there over the next few months.

They found it so enticing and the reviewer was so impressed by the quality of Spotify's iPhone App that he argues jokingly that one would have to pry it out of his "cold, dead iPhone" before he’ll delete it from his phone.

But, and that might be a huge no-no for Apple, Spotify has yet to allow streams to be downloaded from Apple's iTunes store.

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Here's a video of Spotify App for the iPhone.

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