£20 p/m Samsung F480 Tocco Silver 200 minutes, unlimited texts, internet, Skype & 3-to-3 calls

Lay your hands on this sleek touchscreen sensation. If it's multimedia functions and pure design joy you're after, look no further than the Samsung Tocco.

Stay in control with a huge 2.8" QVGA touchscreen, specialised intuitive features and widgets, which let you drag n drop the applications you need straight into your homescreen.

The Tocco is the slimmest touch phone to offer a whopping 5.0 Megapixel camera and it's packed with great photography features like autofocus, face detection and image stabiliser, so you're sure to get the best pic every time.

Then why not upload your photos to your blog or get on the web and surf to your heart's content at Broadband speeds with HSPDA. Fancy yourself a director?

Record great quality videos, edit them and wow your friends when you play them back on your large screen. Get in touch with a sensual design and tactile interface on the ultimate multimedia tool for anyone on the move.

The Samsung F480 Tocco Silver comes with a full 2.8 QVGA touchscreen, 5MP camera with x4 digital zoom, HapticTouch with intuitive touch UI and great widgets to drag n drop applications onto your homescreen, HSDPA, Luxury leather case with various colours and patterns and brushed aluminium exterior.

Your contract is a £20 Unlimited Texter and Internet on 18 months. It's exercise for your thumbs. You get unlimited texts, unlimited internet access, free Skype to Skype calls and messages, unlimited 3 to 3 minutes and 200 anytime, any network minutes to use every month with our £20 Texter offer.