Apple Rejects Google Voice iPhone App

Apple has officially pulled out the Google Voice iPhone application from the App store, justifying its decision based on the fact that Google Voice duplicates many features that come with the iPhone.

Richard Chipman from Apple called Sean Kovacs who works on the Google Voice to tell him the bad news but it seems that there is more behind the decision that meets the eye.

As someone rightly pointed, part of the monthly bill paid to the service provider - in this case AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK - ends up in Apple's coffers.

Giving the green light to Google voice would not only have savaged Apple's ARPU (Average revenue per user) from network operators, it could also potentially cause networks to became gridlocked.

Techcrunch also noted that VoiceCentral, another Google voice application, has been remove from Apple App store as well.

Some have also questioned Apple's true intentions citing the fact that Skype, Truphone and Textfree apps also duplicate the iPhone's core telephony feature set but are still available online.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Google is about to launch a massive push that will see dozens of Android-based smartphones flood the market. Apple has already rejected Google Latitude application for roughly the same reasons.

A Google spokesperson told Techcrunch that "we work hard to bring Google applications to a number of mobile platforms, including the iPhone. Apple did not approve the Google Voice application we submitted six weeks ago to the Apple App Store. We will continue to work to bring our services to iPhone users for example, by taking advantage of advances in mobile browsers."

At this rate though, it is very unlikely that Apple will ever allow other competing applications from Google to come on its iPhone platform. Now if only Google could make Voice web-based, Apple wouldn't be able to block that move.

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