BBC To Go Ahead With Broadband-To-TV Canvas Project

The BBC has issued further details of its ambitious broadband TV venture Project Canvas, following an assertion by the BBC Trust that it would not go ahead with approval procedure without providing more details on the project.

The newly released document comprises of crucial info on the selection of technical standards, control of the Electronic Programme Guide, proposals for working with various industry bodies, the use of editorial controls, as well as required governance arrangements.

Along with disclosing some of its plans to integrate broadband connectivity with the new form of internet-based protocol television content, the broadcaster has further called for the opinions of stakeholders on the initiative.

A joint venture has been proposed to offer the web-based on-demand television service, and first phase of public consultation has been carried out by the Trust - which led to in a request for enhanced details to help stakeholders.

Along the same line, a trustee for the group Diane Coylesaid in a statement, “We are now giving stakeholders the chance to let us have their comments so that we can give them careful consideration”.

The recently released details will form an important part of the second phase of consultation on the project, results of which are expected to be out on September 1.

Our Comments

Kangaroo is Dead, long live Canvas. One can only wonder how long will the Competition commission have to wait until they start questioning whether BT and Canvas could constitute a threat to competition. Still, Canvas is a great idea and we believe that it can be yet another tool in the BBC's array.

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