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BT Vision Partners With Sony Pictures Over Video On Demand Service

Sprucing up the offerings of its BT Vision service, the telecom giant BT has announced that it has penned a deal with Sony Pictures Television to offer new as well as classic movies on demand for the users of BT Vision.

The agreement with Sony Pictures, which as of now only includes movies, is the first content agreement made under the new chief exec for BT Vision chief exec Marc Watson, who replaced Dan Marks to assume the new role.

Sony Pictures titles via BT Vision service are said to be available on pay-per-view basis without any sort of mandatory package subscription.

The new agreement would enable BT Vision customers to watch some of the latest titles, including Terminator Salvation, along with back-catalogue of several notable releases.

Mentioning the significance of h new deal in offering new entertainment options to customers, BT Vision’s new chief exec Marc Watson said: “We're delighted to reach agreement with Sony Pictures so that we can offer BT Vision customers many exciting films and classic hits from one of Hollywood's best and most respected studios.”

The agreement marks a significant move for BT, whose on-demand television service, BT Vision, has perhaps not received the anticipated response.

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Our Comments

Good to see that more movie companies joining in BT over Video On Demand. We will certainly like to see more of those deals struck over time. By increasing supply to as many outlets as possible, content producers will not only decrease their risk but also encourage users to buy more content.

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