Conservative MP Criticises Plans To Port Medical Reports To Google Health

It seems that advocates of handing over health records to private companies within the Conservative party are having a tough time convincing their colleagues with former health secretary and Conservative party stalwart David Davis criticising the proposed plans as “naïve” and “dangerous.”

Expressing his views on the subject, Mr Davis said that giving over health records from National Health Service (NHS) to private companies who have scant regard for data privacy is fraught with risk and should be avoided.

The issue of handing over NHS records to companies like Google and Microsoft was reported by number of newspapers earlier this month along which seemed to suggest that Conservatives are likely to give patients the choice to transfer their heath records to personal health record platforms.

However privacy concerns have made Mr Davis to argue that such a move may have a lot of associated risks and he mentioned the need proper rules to manage private data and said “Accordingly before any government privatises personal data management, we should be clear about the rules and the structure. The protection of the individual’s right to control his or her data must be plain and strong.”

Davis also argued that health information should not be commercially exploited and mentioned that he is not in favour such information to be “data mined” or be used for targeted advertising.


Our Comments

Getting medical reports on the cloud by itself is not a bad idea given that the proper checks are already in place. If it can slash the cost of managing health related recorded by 75 percent and save the NHS billions per year, then why not do it?

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