Firefox 4.0 Browser Screenshots Appear

The Mozilla team in charge of designing the next version of Firefox has come up with a number of Windows theme mockups which show us how version 4.0 of the popular Open source browser might look like.

Version one, the more traditional of the two designs, has the window tabs below the address bar which is what you would encounter in Internet Explorer 8, Firefox or Safari by default.

The other, more "avant-garde" design which the design team calls "more contentious", emulates Google Chrome or Safari's browser design. Surprisingly, it appears that the mockups were done in Windows and not in Linux.

The window tabs actually encompasses everything including the address bar and other navigation tools. It saves more space, remove visual complexity and reduces the mouse distance to page controls.

On the other hand, the page's title is missing, it breaks consistency and familiarity (although Firefox could offer the novel theme as an option), longer mouse distance to tabs and lost space.

Mozilla also presented four variants of Combo Stop/Refresh/Go button designs. Mozilla has also adopted a more liberal approach to using transparency on their browsers although the developers stress that "Adding color to these temporary action driven buttons will make it more obvious something is going on."

Our Comments

There should be a way of stack window tabs on the right hand side or left hand side of the browser windows to make it clearer. Websites have grown in height but not in width while screens have grown in width but not in height. Also, Opera and other lesser known browsers already implemented some of the changes Firefox 4.0 is promising to bring.

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