Apple Not Guilty Over "Misleading" iPhone Ads Says ASA

Apple has finally managed to clear itself of accusations of running misleading ads which suggested that its iPhone applications store offered a better service than those offered by rival Google with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rejecting the complaints.

Apple has been accused of running a misleading TV ad which reportedly mentioned “Yep, there's an app for just about anything," with a voiceover in same advertisement stating "Only on the iPhone."

The ASA received as many as 10 complaints over the advert which protested that Apple’s ad was misleading because Google too offered a similar market place for its Android operating system based mobile handsets.

In its defence Apple had claimed that it mentioned "only on the iPhone" only because its App Store was quite extensive and it offered users “unique experience unmatched by any other application marketplace ".

It also placed figures to buttress it claims by mentioning that its App store offered over 50,000 applications in around 88 countries, while the similar G1 service from Google only had around 2,100 applications on offer in just nine countries.

It seems that ASA has found merit in Apple’s claims and has thus dismissed the complaints and has said that Apple is free to run the said advert.

Our Comments

The App store is certainly one of the best things that ever happened to the mobile phone segment. It forced others like Google, Microsoft, Palm and Blackberry, to get their acts together and release their own equivalent of the App Store.

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