Ofcom's Report On UK Broadband Attracts Slew Of Comments

The report published by telecommunications watchdog, Ofcom, highlighted the fact that UK internet service providers very rarely, if ever, manage to deliver the download speeds that they generally advertise.

Ofcom however omitted to cover mobile broadband according to Bod Hendriks of mobile broadband specialist Acision. Mobile broadband is becoming increasingly popular due to substantially better networks, more competition and much cheaper prices.

But even then, the average mobile broadband speeds for the UK are well below what mobile phone networks actually advertise. Hendriks adds that "There is a big difference in the theoretical maximum mobile broadband speed and the reality experience by consumers. Maximum speed is dependent on many things; like the users distance from the base station, whether they are on the move, the number of concurrent users and bandwidth usage for the specific base station."

Meanwhile, Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling highlighted the fact that the Ofcom speed test used old data : “Believe it or not the Ofcom results actually paste a rosy picture. People may be disappointed to see an average 'real broadband speed' of less than half the 'up to' speed advertised by the ISPs, but in truth what the consumer experiences is even worse."

Audrey Gallacher, Head of Customer Experience at Consumer Focus, acknowledged the usefulness of OFCOM’s report on UK’s real broadband speeds as it presents a truthful snapshot of what's actually taking place. "OFCOM’s research should stop companies exaggerating their claims about broadband speeds. It is really welcome that consumers will, for the first time, have a way of comparing internet providers."

She added that "Consumers have long suspected that they don’t get the speeds they’re led to expect, and are paying over the odds for their broadband services."