Twitter Mimics Google, Dedicates Simplified Front Page To Search

Microblogging phenomenon Twitter has quietly launched a new redesigned front page that is available for those who log out from their Twitter accounts and for newcomers to the website.

The change was announced by Twitter's co-founder, Biz stone, in a blog past and should according to stone, "lower the barrier to accessing the value Twitter has to offer and present the service more consistently with how it has evolved."

Stone further added that "We have a lot of work to do when it comes to the quality of our search results and trend analysis but repositioning the product to focus more on discovery is an important first step".

Twitter now appear to have positioned search - which it got when it acquired Summize - as its core feature with popular topics or trends available either by the minute, day or week, something that other search engines will be following very closely.

The search engine delivers realtime results for any particular words or string of words. Users don't need to be registered or logged in to use the search engine; furthermore, Twitter has judiciously placed a search tip box on the search engine results page.

Unfortunately, Twitter has not extended the interface rehauling to the rest of the website and the default page which shows up when users are signed in.

Our Comments

Twitter is gradually morphing into a potent search engine, one which is different from the rest of the gang. Sure, it is too small to count on a worldwide scale, but then, there are chances that it will be purchased and integrated by a bigger player sooner than we think.

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